Community Resources

Orange County NC Health Dept Health Resource Guide for Latinos in Orange County
El Futuro NC Seroquel side effects El Futuro is a non-profit organization that provides the Latino community with treatments for mental health and substance abuse within a framework for respect for every individual.

our website Contacto: (919) 688-7101
Compass Center The Compass Center for Women and Families helps survivors and their families to prevent and end violence and to move forward with self-sufficiency.
Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood is a reliable supplier of healthcare, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and an international partner that helps similar organizations globally. It provides vital services for reproductive healthcare, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people around the world.

Contacto: (919) 286-2872
UNC - SHAC ClinicThe Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) is an organization directed by students who share a mission to provide free health services to communities and individuals with few resources; to assist communities in developing and implementing sustainable programs; and to create an interdisciplinary service-learning environment for students in health and science programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

More Resources

Carolina ACCESS / LATCH:
(919) 620-8034
Catholic Social Ministries:
(919) 286-1964
Child Care Services Association:
(919) 403-6950
Department of Social Services:
(919) 560-8000
Duke University Medical Center, DART Center:
(919) 681-6261
Durham CAN:
(919) 530-8515
Durham County Health Department:
(919) 560-7600
Durham County Public Library:
Durham Crisis Response:
Office: 919.403.9425
Crisis Line: 919.403.6562
Durham Technical Community College:
(919) 686-3333
Early Intervention Clinic of Lincoln Community Health Center:
(919) 560-7726
El Pueblo, Inc.:
(919) 835-1526
Good Work, Inc. :
(919) 682-8473
Legal AID of North Carolina:
(919) 688-6396
1-800-331-7594 (toll-free for clients only)
Lincoln Community Health Center:
(919) 956-4000
North Carolina Latino Coalition:
(919) 225-1673
Salvation Army:
(919) 688-7306
Self-Help Credit Union:
(919) 956-4400
Urban Ministries of Durham:
(919) 682-0538
Welcome Baby:
(919) 560-7338 (Spanish)
(919) 560-7150 (English)

Durham: Detailed Resource Guide